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If you’re looking for the best dumper trailer that offers versatility and efficiency, you’ll want to take a good look at the Haulit Trailer.  Any dump trailer is an investment to your work arsenal so you’ll want to make sure you get the right trailer that fits your needs and gets the job done.  

Why limit yourself to only bulk materials when you can be delivering more with one trailer? 

Below, we’re covering the basics of a Haulit dump trailer as an option to consider when researching the best dumper trailer, with versatility.


When purchasing a trailer you need exactly the work you plan to be doing and it’s essential to know these things before determining what size is best to buy! 

  1. Know your vehicles towing capacity
  2. Know the trailer’s GVWR
  3. Know your vehicles GCWR (Gross Combines Weight Rating)
  4. Know your vehicle’s hitch rating! This can often be a weak link in trailers and commonly overlooked because hitch rates don’t often match vehicles towing capacity. If they don’t match you aren’t able to tow safely.
  5. Know your end goal.  What are all the things you plan on hauling and delivering? What do you need your dump trailer to do? 
  6. Know your own personal limits and towing capacities for safety.  

Most dump trailers are 14’ for their ability to haul a skid steer and maneuverability.  Haulit trailers are manufactured in 11’, 14’, 18’, and 21’.  The Gross Vehicle weight is figured by combining the trailer’s weight and the maximum weight the trailer can carry.  Know what your dump trailer needs to haul, and the max towing capacity of your vehicle will help you determine what size to buy.  Anything trailer with a gross weight over 4,500 lbs will require trailer breaks. 

The Haulit dump trailer is the perfect trailer for heavy loads. With a remote unload and cargo capacity of 10,000-15,000 lbs, it’s the perfect size trailer for hard-to-reach areas, saving hours of manual labor unloading loose materials like dirt, gravel or mulch, and offers you more ability to deliver different materials.   

Haulit Trailer Length & Dimensions: See Full Haulit Specs Sheet. 


What makes the Haulit different is its unique chain-driven push-off mechanism that also allows the delivery of palleted, bunk, and bulk materials without the need for a forklift.  Along with its ability to dump sand, rock, much, dirt, and other loose materials, with the push off mechanism, it puts this dump trailer in a whole new category of dumper trailers. 

Most dump trailers do exactly what their name says, dump.  Anytime heavy bulk materials are required, the need for a forklift is required.  This can cause two main problems: 1. If the trailer also has to carry the forklift, you lose the cargo space. Two. If your load is full, a forklift at the drop site is required to unload. At the end of the day, when you calculate the inefficiencies in time spent, operational cost, and physical labor, if you’re like most, you’ll find you’re losing hard earned money! 

The Haulit was built to help bridge this gap in delivery inefficiency for the middle-heavy weight loads.  Not everyone needs the industrial strength of a large dump trailer. Most need the ability to haul and deliver a diverse range of palleted, bundled, and bulk materials.

We did an interview with Todd Eldridge of WY about how he uses his Haulit and what he’s delivering.  He uses it as a dump trailer, delivery trailer, and its the hardest working trailer in his delivery operation! Read his interview here

man by pallet dumper trailer
“This trailer saved us! It diversified us, and it saved us!” Todd Eldridge

Before you buy a dump trailer, it’s important you know everything you’ll be delivering!


When it comes to what makes the Haulit Different, lets start with manufacturing! Trusted utility trailer manufacturers know to look out for the end user and only put out quality products that will be built to last and hold up to the demands of the job.  Our manufacturers at Diamondback Manufacturing have been fabricating quality, heavy duty equipment trailers for more than 25 years. They use the strongest heavy duty steel, professional manufacturing and superior craftsmanship from start to finish.  

With the Haulit, extreme durability, and superior quality for the end-use is built into every element! We combined five essential parts to successful deliveries into one piece of equipment for maximizing profits and increasing delivery efficiency!  What makes this trailer different is its ability to haul, dump, and deliver bundled, bulk, and palletized materials without the need for a forklift or physical labor.  

What about sides?

Haulit trailers are manufactured with an18″ standard side wall. We can also build at 24″ There are stake pockets on the side to build up the side walls if extra cargo capacity is needed.

“Everything A Dump Trailer Will Do and More!” Customer

“While supplying feed to a local zoo, our customer appreciates that they don’t have to come out and meet me with a forklift or stop what they are doing to get the delivery.  I can pull up, drop the load where they need it, and go.” IFA, Utah, Haulit Delivery Driver


The size of truck you need for a dump trailer depends entirely on what you will be delivering. Depending on the models, towing capacities can be as low as 5,000 lbs or as high as 11,600 in an F150! You need to make sure that your vehicles towing capacity meets the trailers load capacity.  As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have a higher towing capacity that the loads you will be hauling as to not wear down the truck by always maxing it out. 

To pull a Haulit, you will need to know your CDL requirements to stay under 26,000 MGVW. Based on the truck you use, it will affect what you can load.  We normally use a half-ton to one-ton truck.  For a Deliveryman- 2 pallet Model, an F150 is fine. For a Workhorse 3-4 pallet model, you’ll want an F250 or One Ton. You can also use an F150 for the Workhorse but it puts more stress on the truck. The truck you use will affect what you can load to stay under 26,000 lbs MGVW.


Yes! You can most definitely make money with a dump trailer, however, the key is having the right trailer for the right job so you can make a profit.  Because most dump trailers were built for specific purposes, they cause you to need more than one trailer, extra equipment, or often time, physical labor just to get the job done.  With Haulit, the combined features into one trailer provides an opportunity to only need one trailer for the job. This allows you to haul more materials, make more deliveries in a day, and require fewer people to get it done!

The demand for dump trailers and delivery has been on the rise for the last decade! With the current climate and need for safety in delivery, it won’t be going away anytime soon. Here’s a list that drivers are using Haulit trailers to deliver, right now, for make money.

  • Sod
  • Trees
  • Super Sacks
  • Plants
  • Cut Logs
  • Bulk Lumber
  • Debri
  • Pavers
  • Natural Stone
  • Mulch
  • Sand
  • Plumbing and Heating materials
  • Hay and Straw
  • Shingles
  • Pool tiles 
  • Landscape Materials
  • Wood Pellets
  • Bricks and Pavers
  • Sheetrock
  • Fencing Material

If you’re looking for the best dumper trailer to replace unnecessary equipment, get into hard to reach places like driveways or alleys, save hours of manual labor unloading, ability to carry, unload, and deliver heavy bulk, bundled, and palleted material, the Haulit Trailer is built to last and get the job done!  


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