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Adding any new equipment to your operations is an investment. With every customer of ours, it’s important to us that our buyers know what’s achievable by expanding or upgrading their delivery operation with a Haulit Workhorse. We want you to feel confident in your investment and know how to get great ROI as quickly as possible. Work the numbers today to figure out what your income potential can be.

Money Growing

“My side hustle became my main job with my HAULIT Trailer!”

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Join HAULIT as we dot the map across the US and Canada as a solution for easier deliveries. Without the need of a forklift, you can cut costs with every delivery. We’ve verified savings with real HAULIT users who cut costs and make extra income with their all-in-one system.


Greg currently delivers sod and mulch as an independent contract deliverer for landscape developers. After using the HAULIT Income Potential sheet he calculated an income potential of over $400,000 to his business, yearly. Factoring in time saved on deliveries added more deliveries per day, further increased his income. Greg paid off his trailer in only 5 months.


Mike, owner of Thrive Nursery, in Utah. By adding in a Haulit delivery trailer for home delivery of retail sales, Mike was able to significantly increase added profits. Mike was eventually able to purchase an additional HAULIT trailer for his second season, specifically used to service weekend customers and additional jobs.

Income Potential Sheet

Whats Possible For Your Business?

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