Delivery Diversity!

Heavy Duty Dump & Pallet Delivery Trailer

Save Time and Increase Profits

Haulit pallet delivery/dump trailers are built to last so you can start making profits on versatile materials and local deliveries!


  • 2 Pallet Capacity
  • Double Axle
  • Remote Unload
  • Live/walking Floor

Workhorse &(XL)

  • 3 Pallet Capacity
  • 4 Pallet Capacity (XL)
  • Remote Unload
  • Live/Walking Floor


  • 4 Pallet or 32-25 Gal B&B
  • Triple Axle
  • Remote Unload
  • Live/Walking Floor


  • Heavy Duty Gooseneck Available as an add on.
  • Increased Load Capacity
  • Greater Hauling Stability
  • Only available on Workhorse XL

Eliminate Wait Time & Delivery Frustration!

As a remote-operated, live floor, heavy duty pallet delivery and dump trailer there is no need for a forklift or hand labor for making deliveries. Increase your daily deliveries with an economical and efficient delivery solution.

IFA of Utah Trailer Review

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