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HAULIT Workhorse Trailers makes deliveries faster, easier, and profitable. This all-in-one, multi-purpose trailer combines the functions of a tilt deck, live/conveyor floor, pallet delivery & dump trailer into one complete delivery system to simplify deliveries while increasing capabilities. As a complete delivery system, the Haulit Workhorse Trailer is perfect for any business that needs to improve its delivery capabilities.

Dump Trailers

All-in One Dump Trailer

Pallet Delivery

Quick Automated Handling

Lumber Delivery

Easy Bulk Material Delivery

Garbage Trailers

Efficient Waste Removal

Fencing Trailers

Unloads Feed, Farm, and Ranch Supplies

Bagged Products Trailers

Deliver Bagged Products

Dirt Sand Mulch

Bulk Material Delivery Capabilities


Small Equipment Capacities


HAULIT Trailers specializes in trailers, trailer repair and trailer services. Home of the HAULIT Workhorse, the solution for small order delivery and hauling jobs, our team works with clients big and small to help them keep customers happy.

We utilize years of personal experience working in the industry and know the benefits and relief of being able to service deliveries that are often too difficult or too expensive for the big equipment to reach. We designed the Haulit trailer first for our own needs, and now manufacture for others.

We run a trailer service & repair shop as well as offer trailer rentals in Brigham City Utah.

HAULIT Trailer delivering wood
Lumber Unload Without A Forklift

How HAULIT Trailers Help:

Unload & Spread Bulk Materials


If you’re in the business of making deliveries, then you know that time is money. With the HAULIT trailer, you spend less time on deliveries, no need for extra equipment, make more deliveries per day, and keep your customers and clients happy.

The Haulit Workhorse Trailer is built tough to handle loads, big or small. And it’s easy to operate, so you can focus on making deliveries quickly and efficiently.

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The Haulit Workhorse Trailer combines the functions of a tilt deck, live/conveyor floor, pallet delivery, and dump trailer into one complete system. That means less time spent setting up and switching between different trailers, and more time making money on deliveries.

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HAULIT Trailer with landscaping material
Sod, turf, landscaping, the HAULIT will unload it
back of an empty HAULIT Trailer
Decrease unload time with the dump trailer conveyor system.


This all-in-one trailer is the perfect solution for busy businesses that need to simplify their delivery operations. If you’re in the business of deliveries, then you know that having a versatile and reliable trailer is essential to your success. With the ability to haul a wide variety of materials, this trailer is perfect for any delivery business. The ROI on this trailer is unbeatable, making it the perfect investment for any business looking to increase their profits. Don’t miss out on this essential piece of equipment for your business. Get your Haulit Workhorse Trailer today!

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HAULIT Helps You Specialize In Hauling and Unloading Easier Than Ever!

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