Truck With a Haulit Trailer


Economics & ROI


Whether you’re a general contractor, independent contractor, delivery broker, or working with wholesale or retail delivery, it is critical to keep your customers satisfied. Hauling jobs require versatility. With traditional equipment like dump trailers, flat beds, semi-trucks,  forklifts, box trucks, and CDL drivers, deliveries get expensive and backed up. For the smaller or same day deliveries, there’s no longer a need to keep your customers waiting!  See how having the right trailer for the right job can improve your deliveries and increase sales.

Graphic with the benefits of Haulit Trailers


HAULIT Trailers increase sales by increasing delivery capabilities! Never underestimate what the small order jobs can do for your business. The set up cost is less, the operating cost is lower and the amount of deliveries you can make per day increases; see for yourself. Take a look at HAULIT economics and see how adding these abilities to your delivery fleet can increase sales, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness through a safe and easy system.

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