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How much is the trailer?

Trailer pricing is dependent size, year, new or used- as well as what features or accessories are added.  For exact trailer pricing, contact us for a customizable quote so we can assure that we meet you and your trailer needs. 

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How much weight can it hold?

HAULIT trailers are manufactured to haul 10k lbs cargo weight or less. The truck used to pull the trailer will determine the weight that the trailer can hold. HAULIT customers have had success using half ton pickups handling 5,000 lbs nicely, and one ton trucks handling 10,000 lbs easily.  Refer to Haulit Trailer Models for suggested MGVW per trailer.

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What kind of truck do I need?

You will need to know your CDL requirements to stay under 26,000 MGVW. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend using a half ton to one ton truck. The truck you use, will affect what you can load. You could use a F150 for the Workhorse but it puts more stress on the truck.

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Can I load equipment?

Yes for smaller equipment but HAULIT is not engineered to accommodate heavy tractors and other heavy vehicles. 

We recommend HAULIT be used for equipment or side by sides that can be driven through a standard 4’ garden gate and walk behind equipment.

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How heavy is the trailer?

Trailer weight ranges between 3k-6.7k lbs depending on which trailer is purchased. See Haulit Trailer Models for more details.

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Can I haul dirt, rock, mulch?

Yes, most certainly. We recommend that inexpensive chain protective matting be installed at the factory for safety if one anticipates hauling these materials.

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How fast can you deliver me one?

Please contact us to know the current timing of manufacturing. Or give us a call at 435-257-4736

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What is the axle rating?

Each axle has a 7k lb axle rating.  The Workhorse and Workhorse XL each have a 14k lb overall rating.  Refer to Haulit Trailer Models for complete axle information. 

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What kind of maintenance is needed?

Regular routine maintenance is recommended for optimal performance and longevity. Please refer to Haulit Maintenance for complete maintenance instructions.

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Are parts easy to get?

We know that you can not afford to be down; it’s our standard to ship parts within 24 hours. Most parts are in stock and easy to ship to you.  Call Customer Service (435-257-4736) to place an order or fill out our customer service parts form.

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How long will one last?

Under similar use, conventional utility trailers last between 2 to 3 years.  Provided Maintenance Recommendations are followed, with minor tune-ups or replacement of some parts due to heavy use and wear, HAULIT owners, are experiencing 5+ years with their trailers still going strong. Batteries must be cared for diligently and kept charged. They may require annual replacement under heavy use.

We have reached out to owners of older models to see if they would like to upgrade their trailers and they have all declined.

“Until it completely dies on me, this one is doing just fine!”

We stand behind the durability and strength of our trailers and what they can do. If trailers have not lasted, it is most commonly due to user error or continually overloading the trailer. The most common way we see trailers damaged is overloading the bed.

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Which part fails the most and why?

The most common HAULIT part we replace is the remote, often due to it being ran over.

Shear bolts break often when users try to push the pallet all the way to the ground during unload. This point of failure was engineered into the HAULIT to insure that other systems are not endangered.  An initial supply of extra shear bolts and wrench is located in the tool box at the front driver side of the trailer. 

The second most common challenge is the battery and lack of maintenance in keeping it charged – especially in extreme weather conditions. To extend battery life to its maximum potential it is important to keep the battery fully charged.  Operators are responsible in ensuring that towing vehicles are charging during use and that the 110v on board regulated trickle charger is plugged in between uses.

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How do I keep the battery charged?

If your truck is wired properly, it will maintain your battery throughout the day for 5-7 loads per day – depending on how heavy the load is and how long the trip.  Longer travel time between loads allows time to recharge the battery. When not in use, use the 110v regulated trickle charger that is included. Charge it for the night or in between shorter, heavier loads.  If you are doing consistent heavier loads with shorter distances, you will need to either add a second battery, direct wire your trailer to your vehicle charging system or purchase an on board gas generator. 

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How do I get new parts, brackets or bars?

Call Customer Service at 435-257-4736 or Contact Us online. We will run a diagnostic with you and get you the needed parts. 

Contact a HAULIT representative for customized quotes and other questions.  

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