Newest 2023 Model

The Workhorse

Introducing the Haulit Workhorse Trailer – the epitome of the hauling industry’s efficiency and innovation. Designed to revolutionize your delivery services, this cutting-edge technology boasts an array of impressive features. First and foremost, it harnesses electric drive power making it environmentally friendly while delivering exceptional performance.

With its tilt deck functionality, the Haulit Workhorse Trailer:

  • Simplifies loading and unloading, saving you valuable time and effort. 
  • Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to streamlined operations. 

That’s not all, the live-conveyor floor: 

  • Takes productivity to new heights.
  • It ensures a seamless flow of materials and maximizes your hauling capabilities.

Ready to experience the future of local deliveries? Contact us today to get a quote for the Haulit Workhorse Trailer. Discover how this remarkable delivery equipment can enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and transform delivery services into a highly profitable sector of your business. Trust Haulit to deliver the hauling solutions you need. Don’t miss out on this game changing opportunity – get a quote now!

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Axle Type

Tandem -Torsion

Single Axle Rating


Tandem Axle Rating (GAWR)


Load/Unload System rating


Empty Weight


Cargo Weight Capacity

11,000 K*

*Capacity with 10% tongue weight on tow vehicle

Bulk Capacity

6 Cubic Yards

Pallet Maximum

3 (48 x 48) or 4 (40×40)

Inner Cargo Hold Dimensions

14′ x 5′ 6″

Total Length


Total Width


Dual Hydraulic Lift Cylinders


Side Stake Pockets


Unload Angle

13 Degrees

Heavy Duty Steel

Under-body Heavy Duty Steel

Conveyor Loading/Unloading

Auxiliary 110 Battery Charging System

Upgraded Drop Foot Tongue Jack

Wireless Hand Held Remote

Auxiliary Wired Load/Unload Remote

Upgraded LED Lighting

Dual Axle Electric Brakes

Rear Swing Doors with Safety Latches

Powder Coat Finish

Lockable Side Toolbox


Mounted Spare Tire & Rim

Mounted Tarp System

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