Local Delivery & Why You Need To Start Doing it!

Local delivery provides a way for customers to purchase products online or in-store and have them delivered right where they need them! Many times items or materials are too big or bulky for customers to transport without help. Local delivery serves as an option for keeping customers happy and stores in business!

Your community needs you!

dumper trailer full of dirt ready for delivery

Being able to solve problems or challenges on a small scale consequently solves problems and challenges on a big scale. We are all part of the whole that makes the sum of our communities. As we all maneuver through creating a new normal and working through the challenges of broken supply chain, humans will do what humans do best.  Innovate.  Creators will create new possibilities! The production of ideas, products, or materials will always be in demand for transport and delivery.

Haulit was created to help others serve their communities through local delivery.  The freedom of owning your own business and serving others gives you back independence and freedom from mandates and restrictions.     

Your community needs you to make local deliveries! Here are 10 ways local deliveries can help your community to carve out a new normal.

Why is local delivery important?

Local Delivery of materials to construction site

Reliable and consistent local delivery keeps the cogs of the supply chain in motion. It keeps businesses connected to customers and cities connected to each other.

Now, more than ever, local delivery is critical for communities. We must prepare for ongoing shifts in the economy and day to day operations keeping stable. We must look at the needs of our communities and how we can support each other in businesses and everyday life!

“Being able to deliver locally without a CDL has given me the freedom to run my own business, hire on help when I’ve needed it, and help the local stores in my community get things where they need them to be.”

Haulit Driver/Owner


local delivery of cement blocks

The right tool for the job is just as critical as the right trailer for the delivery. Haulit trailer owners are positioned in a unique way to serve their community and surrounding areas through a niche service of making local deliveries! The ability to remote unload heavy palleted, bulk, and bundled materials without any extra equipment provides a much needed resource for others. 

The new normal will take shape more quickly when we create, innovate and serve. If you’re looking for ways to create positive cash flow for a future that will be demanding delivery, it’s time to get connected to the needs of your community and ready to deliver. One thing we’ve learned from these past recent years is the convenience of home and retail delivery is part of the new normal. 

Here is a list of 10 ways local delivery helps communities and ideas on where to get started in your own community!

  1. Find farmers that are in need of delivery of feed and supplies to their animals.
  2. Find farm and ranch supply stores needing help providing deliveries to farms or homes.
  3. Find zoo’s that are in need of delivery of supplies to their facilities. 
  4. Find nursing homes or hospice centers that are in need of food or supplies for their patients.
  5. Find warehouses that are in need of delivery for their customers.
  6. Find landscape companies that need daily deliveries of materials to their sites. 
  7. Find organizations in need of water or supplies. 
  8. Find big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot that are in need of delivery of goods to their customers. 
  9. Find local delivery businesses that are in need of more drivers with bigger cargo space or LTL delivery needs. 
  10. Find needs within the online marketplaces and offer your delivery services.

Take a proactive role!  Increase sales to your business by adding local delivery! As a supplier and deliverer in your community, the ability to transport your materials quickly, safely and cost effectively is essential. Haulit trailers are remote operated with only one employee or driver needed. This allows for quicker, safer, and efficient deliveries.  With no need for a CDL licence, finding or becoming a qualified driver is much simpler.  

Serve your community by becoming an independent delivery broker.  Reach out and establish new relationships within your community to find out where the specific needs are and seek to serve them. Haulit helps by connecting the city to customers! From hauling pallets to helping a local brick and mortar businesses or to helping a contractor with sod, mulch or pavers increase their services and cash flow- haulit can help in a critical way!

Please contact us today  to see how Haulit can help.

As Always, Happy Haulin’

The Haulit Team!

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