Haulit’s Combination Tilt Deck Trailer with a conveyor floor is the leading trailer for smaller deliveries. Its heavy duty build and versatility make it the hardest working trailer you will own! From construction use, debris clean up, farm and feed supply, or landscape needs, this trailer does it all. 

tilt deck trailer

The advantage of this trailer is that you don’t ever have to hand unload or use extra equipment, like a forklift, to deliver.  It is remote operated and built for simplicity and ease of function.  The cargo space and side walls are great for bulk materials like rock, mulch, sand or dirt.  The conveyor floor is ideal for delivery of palleted, bundled, bulk or boxed materials. 

Two 7,000 pound electric over hydraulic lift rams ensure that all legally weighted cargos can be lifted and unloaded safely. This trailer is strategically balanced to facilitate unloading loose materials  and palletized materials easily.

The strategic incline ensures top heavy pallets a much less chance of tipping over when they aren’t tied down properly.  It also makes delivering right inside of garages or smaller spaces quick, safe, and efficient!

Combination Tilt Deck Trailer with Conveyor Floor XL

Our most popular combination tilt deck trailer is the Workhorse XL. It combines all of the heavy duty features with extra length and strength for optimal use and function.  The XL cargo hold is manufactured in heavy duty steel at 18’ in length.  The solid foundational frame of ¼ inch steel tubing is built to last. We’ve also custom designed hitch system built for safety, durability, and ease of operation.

tilt deck trailer with conveyor floor

This tilt deck trailer is manufactured with two 7,000 lb axles making it capable of heavy cargo load and a smooth ride. Every Haulit Trailer has 10 gauge industrial strength brake wiring. The wiring in our wiring harness ensures full power when stopping. Industrial strength brake controllers and brakes ensure safety in the most extreme conditions. A 12,000lb torque electric drive motor will load and unload a variety of materials so your back doesn’t have to!

The belted, conveyor floor provides an additional level of versatility, durability and safety.  This flooring expands potential cargo to numerous large goods offered by big box, hardware, and farm supply stores.

tilt deck trailer loaded with 3 pallets or wire

Built for deliveries and innovators ready to make smaller order hauling and delivery possible and easy, the combination tilt deck trailer with conveyor floor is a one and done trailer for your delivery needs. 

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