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An Interview with Thrive Nursery, UT, and their success doing small order, home delivery of retail nursery goods!

Do you know the top-ranked search terms for your current products you sell? A quick internet search will show you that “delivery near me” along with your top search terms go hand in hand these days. Its where the present is adapting us, and where the future is headed. The ability to make retail deliveries easy and profitable is what will set you apart.

Are you meeting this need and demand of your customers? If not, who is or will be in the near future? Below, we do an interview with one nursery owner in Utah who has set the trend for home delivery success. 

We can thank Covid for the exponential rise in the demands for home delivery. For one Utah businessman, the increasing queries for nursery, plant, and landscaping delivery put his business in a whole new operation process!

Just like any other successful venture to keep ahead of the trends, when it works well for one- others will follow the lead of their example!

Mike Dunn, owner of Thrive Nursery in American Fork, Utah is a perfect example.  Acting quickly to capitalize on the demand for retail sales through home delivery, he looked to Haulit trailers to help make their deliveries. 

“We’ve always tried to be a little bit ahead of things and take advantage of things that add elements that improve the process, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of the customers and getting more sales.”

Before they had a Haulit delivery trailer they were unable to deliver to the retail customer and ended up losing sales because of it.  They couldn’t take their commercial trucks because they were too big and had no way of getting the material off of the trucks to the customer.  

One major problem they faced, especially with the covid spike, and an influx of new homeowners and construction happening in the area, was customers purchasing nursery goods in the store but not having a way to get their plants home.  They would leave to get a vehicle for transporting their purchase and then other customers would rip the “sold” tags off of already sold plants and purchase them right out from the other customers as they were figuring out how to come and pick up their order. 

Without a way to efficiently deliver, they were losing sales and having to deal with upset customers.  Being able to efficiently deliver to the retail customer has been a huge increase in their income as well as improving customer satisfaction.

“I knew this trailer meant the ability to make more sales, which means more product out,  which means more deliveries, which means more sales.  It was a no-brainer.”

Starting with an older, chain-driven Haulit model trailer, they were able to accommodate an average of 3 deliveries a day, 5 days a week, which was a huge income increase.  This season, they purchased a brand new Workhorse Delivery Model and are already doubling what they did last season.

Success breeds success.”

Mia Hamm

For Thrive Nursery, this season’s goal:  to take advantage of accommodating same-day delivery for the Saturday customer.  Feeling confident about the volume they can now do, and putting the new trailer to work as soon as it showed up, he knows it will easily be paid off in a month or two, making a huge return on investment. 

“I don’t drag my feet and wait, because then you lose time, which means you lose sales!”

Innovation and new home delivery methods will be the new normal moving and growing forward.  Now, At Thrive Nursery, anything purchased over $200.00 and within a 22-mile radius of the store gets free delivery! That’s an offer that speaks to every customer wanting the convenience of home delivery and Thrive Nursery has just set the trend for meeting the demand and making a profit effectively!

“This trailer makes small deliveries to the home easy both for the employees and for the customer.  We offer delivery of trees, shrubs, perennial, flagstone, bulk product, basic contractor supplies for landscapes, Metal edging, tree stakes, tree wraps, etc, and now we can say, “Hey, we can deliver that!”

We asked Mike what he’d tell anyone looking to purchase a Haulit delivery trailer for making more deliveries, and he says,

“I would recommend it. For us, they’ve been great units. They are tried and proven.  There is an ease of using it and it’s definitely proved out. At times where I was questioning what it could do as far as weight was concerned, it has been just fine.  They also have good tracking and trailering behind your truck.  It’s been a good win for us. Even though I wouldn’t suggest it one time my guys even tried it to haul a car- that was definitely overdoing it, but my mechanic looked at it afterward and it held up just  fine.”

We want to thank Mike for his time in doing an interview with us and sharing his success in what has worked well for his business. 

Keeping up with top-ranking search terms and trends online gives a very good idea of what consumers are asking for. 

Affordable home delivery for small order, nursery and bulk goods is what consumers are asking for. Those who have acted quickly to meet the needs for at-home nursery delivery have just set the pace for the new “normal” that we’re all learning to grow from.

With the rise in search terms for home nursery delivery, and others meeting the needs of the customer, the only questions left to ask are, are you meeting the needs this year? And what will you do to set yourself up for being ranked the “best delivery near me” in your area?

Our customers’ success is our future. With a trailer built to last and the end-user always in mind, we look forward to the opportunity of helping you meet the small order delivery needs!

Happy Haulin’

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