Pallet and Pavers

We’re here at Tri-City Nursery in Kaysville, Utah, where we will be loading and unloading pallets of Belgard (by Oldcastle) pavers. Let me show you how the Haulit trailer works.

As you can see, we have the Haulit 14’ Workhorse trailer here, and it’s specifically designed for heavy Cargo. This trailer uses an electric drive motor, which is rated at 12,000 pounds. This drive system has been in use for 9 years and is incredibly durable as well as dependable.

Notice the tilt on the trailer – it tilts slightly towards the truck. This ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on the trailer and the truck, providing stability by balancing the weight of the load. The key is to ensure that the weight you’re putting on the trailer stays ahead of the center of gravity, we have a sticker on the trailer that tells you where to place your pallets for accurate balance and optimal operation.

We are loading Belgard (by Oldcastle) pallets, which weigh approximately 3,200 pounds each. You can load up to 3 pallets of this weight and size on the Haulit Trailer with no problem. The key factor is to keep the cargo under the weight limit of the specifications of the trailer.

We frequently have questions about the belting used on the trailer.  This belting is heavy duty and is used in the agriculture, rock/gravel industries. We have had no issues with its’ durability. This type of belting is reinforced with nylon in multiple directions, making it industrial strength and incredibly durable.

Now that we have two pallets loaded, we’re going to shift the load forward to make room for the third one. As you can see, the design of the Haulit trailer allows you to adjust your load as needed. With all three pallets loaded, there is a total of 9,600 pounds of cargo weight on the trailer.

We will now demonstrate how to unload the Belgard pallets. Using the hand-held remote, we’ll lift the load up to unload, and you can see the hydraulic ram system at work. We will then move the pallets to the back of the trailer. You will see the pallets hit the skid plate, then the ground. Once each pallet hits the ground, we simply pull the trailer out from under it until all pallets are off.

This particular trailer is a 2022 model and has a gap for easy servicing.  The gap allows you to remove debris that might accumulate under the belt.

So, there you have it! You just witnessed 9600 pounds of Belgard pavers unloaded in approximately. 3 minutes. A quick demonstration of how the Haulit trailer makes loading and unloading heavy pallets a breeze.

“Happy Haulin’ with a Haulit Trailer!”

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