Landscape Delivery Trailer: Everything You Need For Deliveries!

What is a landscape delivery trailer?

A landscape delivery trailer is a heavy-duty, tilt bed, live-floor trailer that has been specifically designed for delivery of smaller quantitiy materials.  Traditional landscape trailers are utility trailers that serve to transport specific equipment and materials.   A landscape and pallet delivery trailer serves to specifically transport AND unload materials without the need for extra physical labor or expensive equipment. 

What can I transport? 

A delivery trailer is built for the diverse delivery needs of smaller orders, especially in the landscape and supplier industry.  Large equipment like trucks, piggybacks and dump trailers are great for large jobs, but what about when something smaller is ordered, forgotten, or needed at the job site.  Instead of wasting time, money, equipment, and manpower with large equipment, a heavy-duty delivery trailer can service the transport and delivery. 

Below is a video and list to get an idea of what heavy-duty delivery trailers can transport and automatically unload.

  • Palletized Materials
  • Bulk materials
  • Bundled Materials
  • Nursery goods
  • Rock, Brick, Block, Pavers
  • Feed and Supply
  • Sod 
  • Fencing Materials
  • Cabinets
  • Wood Pellets
  • PVC materials
  • Bunks of Lumber
  • Bunks of Sheet Rock
  • Landscaping Stone
  • Sand, Dirt, Mulch
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Cement Mix

How much can I transport with a delivery trailer?

How much you can transport and deliver with a delivery trailer depends on the size of trailer and specific delivery needs. Built for smaller order delivery, delivery trailers come in different sizes according to the number of pallets and bulk material they can deliver. Read more HERE about how Independent Contractors use delivery trailers for helping them grow their business.

A 2 pallet delivery trailer can automatically unload and deliver:

  • 2 Pallet Maximum
  • 10K Lb Cargo Weight
  • 5 Cubic Feet Bulk Capacity

A 3-4 pallet delivery trailer can automatically unload and deliver

  • 3 & 4 Pallet Maximum
  • 10K lb Cargo Weight
  • 6-8 Cubic feet bulk Capacity

Other delivery trailers are built and specifically designed for nursery, arbor, ball and burlap mobility and/or delivery.  They help maximize efficiency in the movement and transport of nursery plants, deciduous and evergreen trees and can carry up to 4 pallets or 32 twenty-five gallon plants. 

How much does a delivery trailer cost?

Because delivery trailers feature multiple functions all in one trailer do not expect to compare prices to a traditional landscape utility trailer. They are not the same thing! With a delivery trailer, you are purchasing 5 critical delivery functions all in one.  You gain the ability to not have to take extra crew members to hand unload, no need for added operational costs in expensive equipment like forklifts, CDL licensing, and save with the remote operated live floor that automatically unloads.

Quality delivery trailers are an investment, but not as expensive as a semi with a forklift or straight back with a piggyback, nor do they cost as much to operate. Because they are a serious upgrade from a landscape utility trailer and focus on the delivery function, be sure to look for one that is built with durability and versatility.

A versatile, durable, and heavy duty delivery trailer will cost anywhere from 10-18k.  Additional features added on and sizing will be where you see the differences in price, depending on specific delivery needs.

What is the best landscape delivery trailer?

In order to be the best, a delivery trailer for landscape materials needs to have:

  • Heavy-duty and built to last (Sides, Floor, and Tailgates)
  • Versatility for Diversity of Materials
  • Quality Lighting System & Build
  • Heavy Duty/Replaceable Fenders
  • Quality Attachment Systems
  • Proper Safety , Tarping, and Storage Features

Delivery trailers for sale

Green Valley of Utah sells the Haulit Landscape and Pallet Delivery Trailer.  The Haulit is a multipurpose delivery trailer for the landscape industry, delivery brokers, and suppliers that need to offer and complete smaller orders.  

For a complete list of all Haulit delivery trailers for sale, visit here

Delivery Trailer Manufacturer

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Diamondback Manufacturing of Green Valley Utah currently manufactures the Haulit Pallet Delivery Trailer in Payson, Utah. 

If you’re looking to purchase a quality delivery trailer, contact Haulit today for a free consultation and to find the right trailer for your needs.


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