Important Haulit Trailer Maintenance 2021

Proper Haulit trailer maintenance is critical for safety and extending the life of your trailer. Along with regular routine trailer maintenance, here is a list of Haulit trailer specific maintenance in order to prolong the life of your Haulit trailer and maintain optimal use and function.


(For optimal haulit trailer maintenance)

The best way to maintain your battery is to keep it charged, especially in harsher climates. Properly attached towing vehicles will maintain the charge under normal conditions. Maintain the charge in winter and hot summers.  It is especially important to maintain the charge in between shorter distance deliveries and heavier loads. The on board 110 regulated trickle charge will insure proper charge while plugged in when not in use.

Wheel Bearings

Keep an eye on the wheel bearings.  Make sure they stay snug and packed with grease.  It’s standard to re-pack with fresh bearing grease at least once yearly or around every 12,000 miles.  Weather conditions and routine loads at max capacity will affect how often your bearings need to be greased. 

A good rule of thumb on a Haulit trailer is that if you are using your trailer often (2-3 times per week) pump a few grease pumps (no more than 3 or 4) every six months into the grease bearings. Do not over grease.  If grease is runny or burnt there is a problem and it needs to be fixed. 

A quick and easy way to check the wheel bearings is to lift up the tire and check for play.  Much more than quarter inch or half inch of play you shouldn’t be using it and you need to repack your bearings or have someone check them for you to make sure everything is good. 

Tire Pressure

We recommend 70 PSI on all tires.   

Spare Tire

Make sure when you check your tire pressure that you check your spare tire pressure as well.  When temperatures get hot or cold it affects tire pressures.  Checking the condition and tire pressure of your spare when you check your other tire pressures helps prevent you from ever accidentally getting stranded without a spare! 

Lug Nuts

Tighten your lugnuts in a crisscross pattern at 110 lbs of torque.


Keep chains tight and lubed with a good roller chain lube.  The trailer operates quieter and smoother when the chains are lubed.  Roller chain lube can be found at an automotive or farm implement store.  

Hydraulic fluid 

Watch your hydraulic level in the reservoir- periodically check hoses and determine  if they are rubbing and possible places where they might develop a hole. Make adjustments to insure fluid can not leak.

Zerk fittings

For complete haulit trailer maintenance, there are several zerk fittings on the trailer located on the door, axles, the main gear shafts. Be sure to keep each fitting lubed correctly a couple of times a year to help prevent any damage. One or two pump per year is sufficient.

Below are the locations of the zerk fittings on the Haulit.


All wiring on the Haulit is enclosed and encased within the steel frame to ensure safety to the wiring system.  Periodically check all trailer lights to make sure that everything is working correctly and that the battery is getting charged. 

Standard Trailer Maintenance 

Keep it clean and keep it stored properly! Safety is the number one reason for having a routine maintenance schedule.  You want to feel confident and safe every time you’re on the road. Having a routine safety maintenance schedule provides safety, extends the life of your trailer as an investment and protects the resale value.

For more information on standard trailer maintenance read here: Routine Trailer Maintenance and Free Trailer Maintenance download

Cargo Drag

The extraction system of the Haulit is extremely resilient. Not abusing this wonderful investment is wise.  Several lubricants have been tested: water has proven very successful, sand is used by some, chain oils are used by others.  Some have suggested UMHW, which we have tried with less than satisfactory success.

Depending on what you are loading and unloading you will come up with what works best for you. Please watch this video here on how to minimize cargo drag for other ideas. 

Parts Replacement

For any issues with replacement parts please call in to our customer service at 435-257-4736.  We will run a diagnostic with you and get you the parts you need. 

Keep up with correct Haulit Trailer Maintenance for safety and optimal trailer function!

Happy Haulin’ with Haulit!

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