Effortlessly Loading 16′ Bunk of Lumber

Greetings from Kaysville, Utah! Today, we’re embarking on an exciting journey as we load a 16-foot-long stack of lumber onto our trusty Haulit!  Our mission? To hit the freeway and put this load to the test, all while ensuring the safety of our precious cargo.

These lumber pieces come prepared with strategically placed stickers beneath them, securely binding them together. Now, our challenge is to perfectly align this bundle onto a robust 4×4 platform. It’s worth noting that while we’ve handled 8-footers before, this is our first rodeo with a 16-footer. The stakes are high!

Observe how we meticulously position those stickers, ensuring they’ll snugly meet the 4×4. It’s all about precision. With a swift and controlled descent, our lumber bundle lands gracefully onto the platform.

Let’s talk about the impressive machinery at work here. We’ve got two powerful 7,000-pound torsion bar axles, and we’ve slightly elevated the trailer to make sure it aligns perfectly with our lumber bunks. A synchronized lift, and the trailer effortlessly embraces the load, leading the way.

As we approach the front end, it’s time to gradually lower our precious cargo. The precision and skill on display here are nothing short of impressive. And there she goes, settling snugly onto the trailer deck.

Now, a quick heads-up – due to the size of our load today, we won’t be closing the doors just yet. Instead, we’ll secure it with sturdy ratchet straps for the highway journey ahead.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Haulit as we continue to handle the big stuff with ease!

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