Haulit Trailers ROI

What is a Haulit Trailers ROI? Is a dump trailer a good investment?  Is running your own delivery business profitable? When will you start making money? These are commonly asked questions when looking into investing in new equipment, dump trucks specifically or any machinery for hauling and delivering.

Haulit Trailers ROI

In fact, one of our most common questions we get asked is “How much money can I make with a Haulit trailer?”  For anyone interested in expanding or growing their hauling and delivery business, it’s an excellent and clarifying question to ask! Sometimes the route that seems the riskiest is actually the one that yields the opportunity for the highest return on investment.  

For most scenarios, any positive ROI is considered a good investment worth making. However, because with any investment there is either a gain, loss, or break-even point, you want equipment investments with the highest return.  With the right ROI calculations you can to take the guesswork out of the risk.

 We’ve done some of the calculations on what it takes to run a Haulit Trailer vs traditional methods in the industry. We’ve even created a Haulit Trailers ROI calculator for you!  The numbers speak for themselves.  Anyone looking to experience exponential growth in their business, the high ROI from a Haulit Trailer is a route worth looking into! 

Haulit Trailers ROI & Economic Benefit

Haulit Trailers ROI
Haulit Trailers ROI & Yearly Economic Benefit

This graph is based on a single local delivery man delivering at 5 drop-off points within 250 miles in a single day.
Average estimated cost of setup is the United States annual average of all expenses based upon the local delivery market.
Operating cost per year is a 5 year amortization of the estimated cost of setup plus all other average United States yearly expenses such as gas, wage, insurance, etc.
Revenue per delivery is based on United States average fees by delivery method.
Revenue per year is the revenue per delivery times 5 daily deliveries times 260 working days. Semi truck is $3 times 250 miles driven per day times 260 working days.
Net profit per year is the revenue per year minus the operating cost per year.
Return on investment is how quickly you can pay your equipment off within a year. Here it is the net profit per year divided by the average estimated cost of setup.

Customer Success

Haulit Trailers ROI and Economic Benefit

One Haulit Trailer owner was using his truck bed, a 14’ flatbed trailer and hand unloading his deliveries. After working the ROI by investing in a Haulit Trailer, he knew that just the time savings alone would be a huge return on investment.  Rather than 3 deliveries per day he was able to make up to 6. This doubled his daily sales and reduced his risk of injury. 

Another Haulit Trailer owner decided to start offering home deliveries of his retail landscape and nursery products with a minimum purchase requirement within a 20 mile radius of his store. He increased his profits on his sales and increased the number of purchases made because he was able to better service his customers- specifically his weekend sales. He ended up purchasing another trailer just to help better service his weekend DIY’ers excited to work on a project even faster because it could be delivered. 

Haulit Trailers ROI Calculator

Haulit Trailers ROI Calculator

What better way of being able to make successful investments decisions for your business than working the numbers yourself!  We have created a ROI calculator that you’ll be able to plug in the numbers of your business and see for yourself what kind of return on investment is possible for you. 

ROI Examples

John bought his Haulit Trailer and other equipment for $34,073.  He contracted with a local sod farm and farm and feed supply store to make their local deliveries.  He charges $80 per delivery and can make 5 deliveries per day.  He plans on working 5 days a week. He also computed that his cost of operating in a year is around $62,000.

Haulit Trailers Customer ROI

Mike contracts deliveries for nursery and landscape materials. One of his products he delivers is ice melt. He purchases a pallet at $750 and resales it at $850.  His profit margin is $150 per pallet of ice melt.  He also charges a delivery fee per delivery of $85. He delivers ice melt pallet once a day, but he also does 6 other deliveries for nurseries and landscape companies for 5 days out of the week. His Haulit Trailer and other equipment costed him $35,650, his yearly cost of operating is $124,000, and his cost of goods sold is $180,000.

Haulit Trailers Customer ROI

Figure Your ROI

Download the calculator below to configure your own ROI. Contact a Haulit Rep today if you have any questions! We’ll take you through step by step!

Employee safety and customer safety are a major reason to start calculating the return on investment on new equipment and machinery.  Production capabilities and cost of repair work on old equipment is either costing you time and money- or allowing you to make more of it. 

If you are looking to grow your delivery business or expand the capabilities of your current operations, Haulit Trailers ROI just can’t be beat!

Contact one of our client success managers to help you work the numbers!

See Haulit Trailers in action!

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