Dump trailer with Conveyor Floor – One of a Kind!

Stop, Drop, and Roll with this dump trailer with conveyor floor!

What makes the HAULIT dump trailer with conveyor floor one of a kind? Since 2013, the Green Valley International team has been dedicated to serving those in the local delivery market making deliveries of heavy, smaller orders. Over the years, the Haulit Workhorse models has evolved from a single- 1 pallet trailer to a heavy duty, belted, industrial 4 pallet delivery system.   The new, belted, industrial model is engineered to make faster, easier, and smoother deliveries for years to come! 

Below we share A spotlight on new features, functions and increased capabilities on HAULIT’s dump trailer with conveyor floor- the HAULIT Workhorse.  

dump trailer with conveyor floor unloading rocks

 We have listened to our end users, drivers, customers and industry needs. In order to best serve those in the local delivery industry, we have perfected a trailer that will:

  1. Accommodate and assist in deliveries of ALL kinds of materials 
  2. Be safe and stress free during loading, transport, and unloading. 
  3. Be able to deliver and unload without the need of extra equipment or physical labor.

HAULIT delivery equipment extends the capability of what traditional delivery, dump & live floor trailers can do. Below, we will explore 1). The new features of the HAULIT Conveyor trailer  2). Exactly what sets it apart and  3). Provide you with information to help you determine whether Haulit is the right trailer delivery system for your needs. 

Patented and trademarked, the HAULIT Workhorse is the only heavy duty trailer and delivery system of its kind. Upgrading any delivery operation is an investment.  There are long term benefits of having the right trailer for the job.  The right trailer for the size of job will also save you time and money. 

There are extreme safety benefits in not having big trucks or heavy equipment in residential areas.  As you shop for the right trailer for your business, keep in mind the long term benefits, safety, and overall function.

New 2022 Features

dump trailer with conveyor floor unloading gravel
  • Heavy duty drop foot jack added
  • Re-positioned on/off switch, voltage meter and 110 charging port to the front center for ease of operation and to allow the operator to be in a safer location while operating.
  • Shorter skid plates to simplify the loading process.
  • Decreased gap between the skid plates to less than 4″ for added safety and easier unload.
  • Shortened the gap from the belting system to the tail gate from 4″ to 1″.
  • Industrial strength belting for ease of use, safety, and extended versatility for materials being delivered.
  • Decreased incline in the tilt of the trailer from 17% to 12%!
  • Increased lifting capabilities with 2 – 7,000lb lifts on the side.

Read more below about why we made these changes and what makes the Haulit belted, live floor trailer stand out above anything else on the market.

Six Month Full Warranty

Most trailer manufacturers offer a limited 10 to 90 day warranty. The Haulit is not just any trailer, it is a sophisticated delivery machine. Haulit uses only the very finest components and our manufacturing partner (s), stand behind their products. Haulit offers a full 6 month bumper to bumper warranty against parts and manufacturing flaws. 

Heavy Duty Steel

image of steel jig

The Haulit tub and side walls are built with industrial strength structural steel. The frame and undercarriage are built with heavy duty steel.  Most dump trailers are built with light gauge metal and bracing which leads to warping and deformation.  This is where most dump and delivery trailers can keep their upfront costs lower and where you end up spending more for repair or damage. 

Haulit wanted a structure that would last and stand up under extreme use without having to be replaced every 3 years.  With proper use and maintenance, Haulit trailers are built for years of heavy use. The length of the tub is dependent on cargo capacity. Haulit cargo holds are manufactured in heavy duty steel with 14’,  and 18’ lengths being available.

Frame Strength

frame of dump trailer with conveyor floor

Haulits dump trailer with conveyor floor systems are built to last on a solid foundational frame of ¼ inch steel tubing.  Most manufacturers cut costs by skimping with smaller channels and beams, less cross beams and fewer welds.  We take our frame strength to the extreme! Our warranty guarantees it. 

Custom Hitch System

hitch system

Safety and ease of operation are primary benefits of a Haulit trailer.  If you’re comparing this trailer to a cheaper trailer, the hitch system is another area where manufacturers can cut costs, so it’s important to know what you’re looking at.   In our experience, cheaply built hitches leads to frustration spent figuring out what ball and hitch you need on every truck you use, need for replacement, and often time, not even the right hitch system to handle the GVWR of the load!  

Haulit trailers have a custom designed hitch system built for safety, durability, and ease of operation! Drivers and customers are happier when they aren’t frustrated with the mechanics of the system.

Haulit custom hitch systems include:

  • Breakaway Cable with spring loaded safety cable. 
  • Industrial quality 7 way electrical plug 
  • Bolt on chains
  • Vertically Adjustable Hitch
  • Drop foot lift jack
  • 14K Lb rated 2 5/16” ball hitch

Cross Member Spacing

frame cross spacing on dump trailer with conveyor floor

In order to cut costs, most manufacturers will space their cross members too far apart.  Haulit tubular cross members are on 24” spacing. The heavy duty steel of the tub and cross member spacing ensures  that deck warping will not occur, and heavy loads will always be secure.

Safety Rear Barn Doors 

safety rear barn doors on dump trailer with conveyor floor

Haulit features rear barn safety doors with industrial strength hinges and latches that are able to fold and pin back securely behind the fenders when open. This provides safety during the unload. When backing up into garages or tight spaces, secured Haulit rear barn doors eliminate any damage to the doors or property and make it easy to unload a variety of materials.   

2- 7,000lb Axles with
Electric Brakes

dump trailer with conveyor floor unloading in garage

Haulit trailers, when combined with the towing vehicle, pass D.O.T. regulations of being under CDL licensing requirements of less than 26,000 lbs.  Haulit trailers are manufactured with two 7,000 lb axles. This makes them capable of heavy cargo load and a smooth ride. In most States,with proper tarping and loading, no CDL is required. With the current truck driver shortage, the ability to hire non CDL drivers is essential.

Our Electric Brakes are the best on the market. Towing vehicle brake systems and brake controller when attached to the Haulit trailer provide absolute safety. 

Industrial Wiring Harness & Electric Brakes

The number one problem with conventional trailers is lights and wiring.  No one likes hooking up to a trailer and having their lights not work correctly. Also, no one likes having to fix a wiring issue because of exposed wires getting damaged! Haulit trailers are also manufactured with an industrial wiring harness that is encased in steel or conduit.  This protects the wiring from debris and or damage. 

Every Haulit Trailer has 10 gauge industrial strength brake wiring. The wiring in our wiring harness ensures full power when stopping. Industrial strength brake controllers and brakes ensure safety in the most extreme conditions.  Our wiring is more expensive but is worth the extra safety investment. 

Electric Drive Lift, Charger, and Unloading System  

With our own drivers making deliveries, we know that the safer and easier the task, the more likely new hires can be trained and the more likely they will enjoy their work. Haulit systems are custom designed with a hand held remote operating  system and  industrial strength battery electrical system. The system is charged directly by the pickup truck or with an onboard 110 regulated charger. 

A hand held remote-control system allows the operator to control the up/down and live floor front/back motion. The  safety and strength of this system saves on workmans comp claims, allows you to only need one employee/driver for the job, and  makes the trailer do the hard work so you can keep the employee safe and happy. 

Industrial Electrical Drive Chain and Crossbar Dump Trailer With Conveyor Floor.

Belting on dump trailer with conveyor floor

Patented and trademarked, Haulits dump trailer with conveyor floor systems are manufactured with a 12,000lb torque electric drive motor for loading and unloading a wide variety of materials. Our  electric drive system has  proven durable beyond expectation.   Cross bars attached to the drive chain accommodates most  pallet sizes.  8” spacing between the cross bars  provides capability to load and unload heavy loads up to 4,000 lbs per pallet.  Safety shier bolts are strategically placed to guard against operator abuse.  

The manufacturing of the dump trailer with conveyor floor system is designed for ease of use. Because of this, the ability of unloading palleted and bunk materials is easier than ever. You can also dump loose debris and bulk materials just like with regular dump trucks. Nothing on the market will do exactly what a Haulit does. 

Belted, Live Floor Trailer Cargo Hold

For the first time ever, Haulit is offering a belted live floor trailer.  The belting has been used in the agriculture industry for decades. We have been rigorously tested and operated this model in our own deliveries for the past three years! The Haulit, belted, live, conveyor also provides an additional level of versatility, durability and safety.  The belted live floor trailer expands potential cargo to numerous large goods offered by big box, hardware, and farm supply stores.

Rubber Matting Belted
Chain Protection

rubber matting an chain protector on dump trailer with conveyor floor

The Haulit dump trailer with conveyor floor has the ability to unload a wide range of materials so it’s important to know what you plan on unloading and delivering. For those mainly delivering bulk materials of loose stone and debri, skirting the chain and sprockets with our 6” rubber matting down the entire chain eliminates crushed stones between the chain becoming projectile and adds an extra level of protection to the drive chains. 

Electric Over Hydraulic
Front Lift Ram

Two 7,000 pound (14,000 lb total lift capacity) electric over hydraulic lift rams mimic that of construction dump trucks.  Side mounted lift cylinders greatly exceed that of cheaper scissor lift jacks. Haulit delivery trailers are strategically balanced to facilitate unloading loose materials  and palletized materials easily.  The heavy duty manufacturing of the lift system ensures that all legally weighted cargos can be lifted and unloaded safely.

Live Floor Trailer with Lower Incline!

We’ve also decreased the incline! Past Haulit models reached a 17-18% incline.  Our new belted workhorse safely unloads at 13% incline! This ensures top heavy or tall pallets risk a much less chance of tipping over when they aren’t tied down properly.  It makes delivering right inside of garages or smaller spaces quick, safe, and efficient!

Industrial Rear Roller Casters 

rear castors on dump trailer with conveyor floor

No one likes their concrete, pavement or especially their driveways ruined by equipment during delivery. Haulit trailers are equipped with industrial strength roller casters placed at the rear to ensure the unload process leaves surfaces protected. 

LED Lighting

dump trailer with conveyor floor full of palleted materials also showing the lighting

Encased within the steel or conduit, we include long lasting L.E.D. DOT compliant lighting on every Haulit built. 

Stake Pocket Side Rails

Cargos are all different with different tie down requirements.  Safety and functionality is our highest priority. Stake pockets accommodate 2×4 posts for vertical extension for bulk materials that extend beyond the height of the trailer such as mulch, bark or debri. Side rails down the entire length of the trailer allows cargo to be tied down anywhere along the edge for safety and security. 

Diamond Plate Bolt on Fenders 

fenders of a dump trailer with conveyor floor

Dents happen. Fenders get torn up. Fenders often suffer from operator error. Nothing speaks worse for delivery businesses than trailers showcasing damage and abuse.  Haulit trailers are manufactured with diamond plated bolt on fenders for increased strength and easy replacement when needed.   

Custom Spare Tire and Mounting Bracket

spare tire on trailer

We were annoyed at spare tires being in the rear of pickup beds.  With heavy deliveries and debri on the roads, you never know when you might need a spare. If it’s not attached to the trailer, you might not have it with you when you need it, and with deliveries being your business- you need a spare that is convenient and accessible.   Haulit provides a custom designed mounting bracket, mounted on the passenger side of the trailer, to ensure you have it with you anytime you might need it.  

Powder Coating and Painting

No one likes a rusty trailer! Haulit trailers are powder coated using superior painting and/or powder coating technologies with an etched primer and topcoat for protective finish and long lasting durability! 

Reliable Zerks

Reliability is top priority.  Instead of rusting, squeaking, or seizing up,  grease zerks are provided on every moving part that needs grease ensures years of smooth operation! 

Aesthetics & “Wow” Factor!

The wow factor that comes with this trailer is one of a kind.  There’s just nothing like this out there and it’s fun to showcase something incredibly useful to the industry.  When you pull up on a jobsite, not only does the sleek and clean design of the trailer make a statement of confidence and professionalism, but when you unload, everyone is blown away! 

Our customers tell us to be sure to tell new customers to be prepared to answer questions! (This is also why we offer an incredible referral program! Success in your deliveries is our greatest word of mouth and we want to reward you for it!)  We love that our customers feel proud of their trailers, their investment, and what they are able to do. 

Extra Features

Custom Tarping/Tie Down System

tarping system on dump trailer with conveyor floor

Custom designed for versatility, durability, and ease of operation, an optional tarp/tie down system can be added to any Haulit trailer.  This system provides superior safety to your loads.  Peace of mind, when making deliveries, is critical. The Haulit tarp system attaches right in front of the trailer in a protected storage unit.  The tarping extends past the trailer to secure taller loads.  Industrial mesh or solid tarps are available, depending on your needs.  Side flaps and nylon straps sewn into the sides of the tarp make securing loads quick and  easy.  When delivering sod, the tarping system makes loads D.O.T. safety compliant.  No need to fold bulky tarps, search for the right size tarp to cover loads, or worry if your load will be secure.  We highly recommend it for anyone making deliveries. 


gloves on a trailer

As industry leaders in trailer manufacturing, we pride ourselves in working with manufacturers that take pride in creating products that beat the competition.  Every product is manufactured with the highest quality craftsmanship and expertise.  Every new innovation is met with years of experience, insight on how to create it, improve it, and make it long lasting as well as being  the best in the market. 



See what this dump trailer with conveyor floor can do!

All this and more! With the new belting and added features, the Haulit Workhorse is ready to service your deliveries for years to come!


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