Who will fill the YELLOW FREIGHT GAP?

Who’s hauling what is left of YELLOW’S freight?  WHY NOT YOU with your own tilt deck self unloading HAULIT WORKHORSE?

According to numerous reports substantiated by daily calls to our office, nationwide small carriers have been hit hard. Now this hundred-year-old freight delivery giant has filed for bankruptcy leaving 30,000 employees out of work.

And what about all those employees?  What are they going to do?  WHY NOT operate their own HAULIT Delivery Business?  

After decades unloading cargo with lift gates, dollies, forklifts and physical labor, FINALLY a seasoned driver does not need to do the heavy lifting.  

HAULIT live floor, tilt deck delivery trailers are designed for the purpose of unloading heavy materials delivered on pallets, bundled, or bulk without the need of hand labor, hand trucks, lift gates or a forklift.

Haulit unloads with the use of a hand held cordless remote control. The remote operates the innovative, electric drive, tilt deck system which has a 360 degree belted live floor.  There is nothing like it.  Since the system is electric and not gasoline powered, it is economically friendly,  eliminates messy gasoline spillages, oil changes or the need to carry extra gasoline tanks.

Electric technology makes the world of local deliveries safer and profitable.  

The HAULIT REVOLUTION eliminates the need for CDL driver licenses and tedious DOT  paperwork.  Less paperwork means more time making deliveries; more time equates to more revenue for your business. 

NOW is the right time to start a delivery business or expand your own delivery services. Regardless of the state of the economy, goods still need to be moved!  Why not jump on board and do it with less time and labor. Haulit trailers are designed to unload with ease, to eliminate the forklift or extra equipment and unload in 3 minutes or less. This tilt-deck, conveyor belt delivery system can increase your profits more than 30% by saving you time and labor costs.

NOW IS THE TIME, start your own delivery business with your own pick-up truck and your own Haulit Trailer.

To learn more about HAULIT trailers check out our website www.haulit.com or call a Haulit representative at:   1-435-257-4736.

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