Who Buys Haulit and Why?

Financial Officers

They know the cost of operating delivery equipment and they are focused on ROI.  Haulit generates 30% to 80% ROI. Most delivery systems cost rather than generate profits like Haulit does. (ROI calculator click Here!)

Safety Officers

They don’t want employees (who are hard to find any way) put in harm’s way climbing on and off semi-trailers and straight trucks or Workman’s Compensation claims from injuries. Haulit is safer and quicker to operate.

Operation Managers

Right now equipment and drivers are hard to find and they are expensive. Haulit expands the driver pool; no CDL is required in most states.

Small Business Owners

They wear all three hats. Making money safely and efficiently is always on their mind. Starting a delivery business requires a smart approach.  Small business owners GET IT!

Price: $17,000 (refurbished or used) to $28,400 (new, fully loaded)

HAULIT equipment is always custom fitted to meet each buyer’s needs. We employ no “sales people” at HAULIT Trailers; our “Consultants” are dedicated to ensure that your needs are met even if we were to tell you that HAULIT is not a match for you!


For over 10 years we have learned that the average Haulit owner’s average additional income is between $180,000 and $400,000. This income is gained by diminishing operating costs by ½ to ⅔.

If Haulit is a fit, what is it costing you to not have at least one in your fleet?

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