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Green Valley of Utah, LLC is the home of the Haulit trailer, a tilt bed, live floor pallet delivery trailer that can unload palletized, bundled goods, super sacks, and bulk material with remote operation.   Just like the tractor revolutionized the farming industry by minimizing hand labor and increasing work efficiency, Green Valley has created a revolutionary tow behind pallet delivery trailer as a solution for small orders and palletized goods.  Streets are getting smaller, the demand for small orders and palletized goods is increasing. Haulit trailers are paving the way for efficiency and success in the industry. 

The Haulit trailer and trailers you will see today were not Green Valley’s first product.  The concept evolved with time, rigorous research and development, and a hunger to provide a solution for a critical need.  Improvements like the wireless, hand held operating controls and tarping system came after the initial product success.

Green Valley was started in 2013 by Randy Marble at the age of 64.   Prior to opening Green Valley and creating the Haulit, Randy owned and operated an 800-acre sod farm in Utah founded in 1979. He knew, from experience, the need for a better solution to smaller order deliveries. 


A brief history of the Green Valley Haulit trailer.

Brad Pack of Professional Turf Equipment first conceived the idea of a single pallet delivery trailer that could deliver and unload a pallet of turf without the need of a forklift. He communicated the idea to Randy Marble of Chanshare Farms sometime in 2011. Ideas of hydraulic forks, similar to the ones used on sod harvesters were discussed.

Randy and his wife, Betty, were traveling “Fruit Alley” between Perry and Willard, Utah where local farmers stands are set up along the stretch of highway to sell their goods when he spotted a single axle “car dolly”.  Randy called his son Brent Wilson., together they discussed a suspensionless trailer, equipped with a hand crank jack attached to the front cargo hold. With the front of the cargo pan elevated, pallet runners would touch the ground, the trailers power unit (half ton pickup) would pull forward unloading the cargo.

With a drive for entrepreneurialism and passion for seeing things grow, the Haulit trailer idea was planted. Randy, spoke again with Brad Pack about the serious need for an easier way to deliver sod and palletized materials without the use of a forklift and a trailer that could do it.  There was nothing on the market to fulfill the need. Randy’s mind went to work. With the help of the engineering mind of his son, Brent Wilson, help from a lot of others and an in depth understanding of sod and pallet delivery needs, the first model was designed and the Haulit Brand took root. 

The original model (shown below)  was a suspensionless trailer, equipped with a hand crank jack attached to the front cargo hold. With the front of the cargo pan elevated, pallet runners would touch the ground, the pickup truck would pull forward, and the cargo would unload.  

Original Haulit Pallet Trailer Prototype

Now, in 2020,  the team has 4 models of the trailer under the Haulit brand.  At the young age of 70 years old, Randy and his team are on a quest to make their patented trailers an industry standard..  With years of experience under his belt, the overall drive for the venture is growing and increasing value for others is paramount.  Being a business owner most of his life, Randy knows that anything an employer can do to empower employees while also driving profitability is something worth pursuing.  

“I have a passion for helping others grow and succeed.  To me, learning and growing is everything. If we aren’t learning, growing, helping one another out, and paving the way for a better future, then what are we doing here?” Marble

As humble as he is hard working, Randy has a passion for seeing others succeed. When asked what inspired the brand Randy stated: 

“I want to help small businesses; as a business owner it’s a passion of mine.  Owning a Haulit is the American dream in action! Not everyone is suited to or needs to  run a large company or corporation, but everyone is suited to figure out how they can provide value to others. The Haulit helps others provide value to the delivery industry.  It serves a real need.”

Made in America, right in Utah, at Haulits 13,000 sq ft facility, Haulits are being ordered and delivered all over the country.  The Haulit is a niche market delivery system.  It is a solution for being able to deliver pallets, bundled or bulk materials to homes and job sites more quickly and easily

Owning a Haulit trailer also provides opportunity for independent contractor supplemental or even full time income for those ready to work and take this new delivery solution into the industry.  The entire trailer series features moving(live floor) trailer beds that make small order deliveries so much easier on employees and the business owner.

Watch below, how nursery owners use their Haulit Trailer for delivering nursery goods!


Over the past 100 years, businesses have evolved from natural resource, to equipment, to human resource intensity.  The importance of personal time is a more valued asset than it was just a few decades ago and people want smarter solutions to increase personal time.  Green Valley believes great leaders know to look to the future, to be ahead of the curve and able to provide solutions for current and upcoming demands.  

With over forty years in the industry, you become aware of successful and failing trends.” Marble said, “The difficulty of navigating smaller streets and deliver in growing subdivisions is a trend that is not going away anytime soon.  Over 20 small deliveries are made to every building site. The need to deliver small orders to a job and residential sites is a trend that is not going away soon. Security for the future is found in being able to provide a solution to the challenges.”


The “Haulit,” now a registered trademark of Green Valley,  is a trailer unlike any other on the market. An extensive internet search indicates that this durable, tip deck, live floor delivery utility trailer is unique and one of a kind. Deliveries which previously took 30-45 minutes to unload per drop are now being delivered in 2-5 minutes without: a forklift, the need for extra drivers, or need for back breaking labor.  

Haulit Pallet Delivery Trailer Mulch, Pavers, Pallets

From the Workhorse model that offers a 3 Pallet Capacity with Double Axles and a 14,000 lbs Capacity, combined with a live floor bed that moves pallets and materials, to the Arborman model that is built for tree nurseries, they are beyond amazing. 

Local palleted, bundled or bulk goods are now being delivered coast to coast.  Within communities the need for small order delivery is even greater. The Haulit trailer is pulled by a pick up truck, hauls up to 10,000 lbs of cargo (palleted, bundled, or bulk), requires NO CDL drivers licence to operate, eliminates hand labor, costs only $40- $45 per hour to operate and unloads in 2-5 minutes

Pioneer Haulit owners make more deliveries at one half to two thirds the cost while charging more per delivery and increasing prices per unit.  Even more exciting, men, women, part timers and individual contractors are delivering. They are enabled to retain the delivery fees and create income by owning a Haulit. 


The Haulit delivery utility trailers minimize work time.  Marble says owning a Haulit trailer has the ability to empower employers to provide more delivery solutions to clients and operating a Haulit empowers the driver to be able to deliver efficiently and effectively.  One Haulit owner said, “Haulit makes deliveries fun.”  Green Valley believes happy workers bring incredible value to the business by strengthening customer interaction and relationships when delivering.   Currently, some Haulit owners who work four- 10 hour days now have an alternate income source as Haulit delivery drivers and some are even hiring others to help broker deliveries.

Versatility of bulk material delivery with the Haulit.

Green Valley is extremely proud of how far they have come and even more excited about the future as this innovative delivery solution grows in the industry.  Haulit trailer owners dot the US map from coast to coast and even in Hawaii. Green Valley has big things in store for the lawn care, landscaping, construction and delivery industry.  They invite everyone in need of a more profitable, economical, and efficient delivery solution to give them a call to discuss whether or not a Haulit trailer would be a good fit for their needs.

Haulit Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

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