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The Haulit Trailer Unloading System was created for anyone needing a better, more efficient and profitable solution to making deliveries of versatile materials. The Haulit Workhorse was created to help solve your delivery challenges, simplify your business and increase your profits.

Here’s what we’ve learned over the years and how much the Haulit Workhorse trailer unloading system helps simplify deliveries and why.

An efficient delivery solution

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When you’re in the business of delivering goods or supplying goods, its important to maximize profits. The key to being successful is managing your delivery expenses. Profitable delivery and/or supplier businesses must cut unnecessary costs while striving to maintain superior quality.

In today’s economy, high gas prices and expensive operating equipment make it tricky to make a profit. Seeking new delivery solutions for cost effective equipment is critical. Haulit trailers were built exactly for this! Here’s how.

The All-In-One trailer unloading system

Every dollar and minute spent in your deliveries matter! The Haulit workhorse combines five essential parts to successful deliveries into one piece of equipment for maximizing profits on smaller orders. Here’s how:

  1. Tongue Pull– Eliminates the need for CDL drivers, their added wage, and scheduling conflicts due to lack of drivers. 
  2. No Forklift– Not having to use multiple pieces of equipment on deliveries free up bigger equipment where they are needed and saves you the cost of running the extra equipment and employees to operate it. 
  3. Dump Trailer– Provides versatility in your deliveries.  If you’re going to offer small orders, you have to have equipment that provides versatility.  The key is to keep your equipment for smaller orders running as much as they can. The tilt bed/dump feature allows the ability to offer smaller deliveries of versatile materials such as palleted, bundled, and bulk materials. 
  4. Live- Belted Conveyor Floor– is all about efficiency and saving time.  Not having to unload a forklift to unload your load keeps delivery time to less than 5 minus vs the average time of 25-30 minutes.  Having a remote control system that positions the load as well as unloads also makes your pick up and deliveries easier than ever.
  5. No hand labor– Keep your employees safe and happy!  Less workmans comp claims is always a benefit!  Let the Haulit do the heavy lifting, the heavy unloading, and keep it running all day long. For the amount of time and physical labor it takes to hand unload a delivery, with the Haulit trailer, you can get the job of 2-3 men done with your trailer in less than 5 minutes while keeping your driver safe and happy!


It’s easy to look at your delivery operation as only one unit rather than a series of units with individual needs.  In the daily grind of business, we tend to get in habits of doing things because they get the job done, and not necessarily because they are the most economical or profitable.

Large order deliveries have certain needs.  Small order deliveries have certain needs. You can better manage your expenses by looking at the individual needs of your delivery operation – particularly the operation costs of your small and large orders vs seeing them as just one function. 

The Haulit trailer unloading system doesn’t replace the need for your large load dump truck.  It replaces the cost of running your dump truck when smaller orders are ordered and delivered.  A Haulit doesn’t need to replace your straight truck with a piggy back or semi trailer and forklift. It replaces the cost and time that running those pieces of equipment takes on delivering your smaller orders. 

Lower Operating Cost

If you’re anything like we were, we were using a dump truck for both large orders and small orders- because it’s what we had to use.  For palletized material- we used a straight truck and a forklift.  The operational cost for large orders made sense because we could charge more for the load.  The operational cost for using that equipment on smaller orders ate up our profits and time every delivery.

Better expense management

Your business would be wise to use an efficiently designed hauling and delivery system. Our goal is simple – we want you running your biggest and most lucrative orders without tying up time on small jobs that cost both money and precious resources like fuel or employees’ hours. Large equipment is made for large jobs so keep your dump truck and big trucks running deliveries on your large orders. However, its time to quit using your large equipment for the smaller orders.

Manage your expenses better in your delivery operation by meeting the specific needs of your large orders and your small orders.  The Haulit trailer unloading system helps better manage expenses by meeting the needs of your smaller order deliveries.


If you’re anything like we were, you either aren’t offering smaller orders because they don’t make you any money with costly operating expenses OR you aren’t doing very many of them because your equipment is tied up with other orders and just isn’t versatile enough. Here’s where Haulit helps boost revenue:

  1. Time
  2. Versatility
  3. Eliminates Unnecessary Equipment
  4. Reduces Paid Labor
  5. Increased Profits in Delivery Fee’s/Margins

We realized we were missing out on the opportunity of what small orders had to offer. We needed a better way of getting deliveries to customers wanting smaller orders.  Once we had a way of offering smaller orders that created a profit, we were also able to boost revenue by:

  1. offering small orders delivery.
  2. doing them as frequently as possible.

How to maximize the opportunity on smaller orders and boost revenue with trailer unloading system

Decreasing the amount of time it takes to spend on a delivery allows you to make more deliveries in a day. Offering versatility in your delivery boosts revenue by meeting the needs of your customers.  When your equipment can do the job for you, it eliminates the need for tying up unnecessary equipment on the job as well as eliminating the added costs of paid labor it takes to complete the job. 

Meet the needs of your small order delivery demands, manage your equipment operating expenses and you will boost revenue to your business. The Haulit trailer was created for specifically capitalizing on profits on smaller order delivery.

How do you know if there’s opportunity in smaller orders for you?  Ask yourself these questions. 

  • How many requests for smaller orders do you get in a week? 
  • What would sales look like if you were able to offer small orders? 
  • What would sales look like if you were able to make a profit on smaller orders?
  • What would sales look like if you increase your small orders? 
  • How would your customers or suppliers respond if you could offer small order delivery?
  • Are you currently using large equipment for making your small orders?


Superior quality is created through the products we deliver, pricing and the customers experience during the process. Trying to get your smaller orders done at the expense of your larger equipment methods leaves no room for providing better pricing to your customers. You have to charge more for the delivery just to cover your costs and your customers are most likely having to wait longer for their items to be delivered.  

With a Haulit, you can cut costs while giving your customers the highest quality through your products and ability to offer a quicker delivery time. With a Haulit, not only can you get your items to them quicker, but you can get a wide variety of materials to them with the same trailer. We’re committed to providing only efficient and effective service so that we deliver on our promise of high-quality products at competitive prices with quick turnaround times!

Quicker Delivery

What might your customers experience if they could receive their order quicker and at a better delivery rate? What might referrals and sales look like if your customers are happier?

Create more superior quality to your customers through pricing, the delivery experience, your ability with what you can delivery, and creating strong customer relationships. Create superior quality to your employees and drivers by having the right trailer for the size of  job.

The Haulit trailer unloading system helps provide a superior delivery experience for your customers. It is built to last, has lower wait times, more availability, reduced delivery fee, and is a convenient method for delivery!

“While supplying feed to a local zoo, our customer appreciates that they don’t have to come out and meet me with a forklift or stop what they are doing to get the delivery.  I can pull up, drop the load where they need it, and go.”

IFA Haulit Driver
trailer unloading system

“The Haulit makes bulk and 2-3 pallet delivery much more efficient and profitable. The Haulit enables hauling and unloading without a forklift. Simply load your cargo, travel to the drop off point and leave the cargo right where you want it.”

The Haulit trailer was created to save time and maximize profits for anyone making palleted, bundled, or bulk material deliveries. Seize the opportunity on smaller order potential and profitability by the way that you deliver. 

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