Heavy Duty Pallet Trailer For Sale: Diversity is Key!

pallet trailer for sale

Looking for the best pallet trailer for sale? With local deliveries on the rise, having the right pallet trailer for your pallet, bundled and bulk deliveries is essential.  The importance of minimal delivery time so you can increase you daily deliveries is critical. A trailer that is economical and efficient so you can make a profit is vital!

While shopping for the right delivery trailer for your business, we’ve included everything Haulit® has to offer , what to look for, and how to know which one to buy below.

automatic pallet trailer for sale
HAULIT® America’s First Automatic Pallet Delivery Trailer

Trailers for Sale by Haulit®

Pallets trailers starting at $13,980 delivery included coast to coast!

We built the original Haulit Trailer in 2013 because we had a personal need for what it could do and used it extensively in the sod industry before we ever decided to put one out on the market. We started out with a single delivery trailer but because of the quick delivery ability, we decided to create a 2 pallet option for increased delivery efficiency and the ability to split loads for our drivers.  

Now, years later, after extensive research and development, we have several models on the market for supporting different business delivery needs.

Before investing in a pallet trailer, you need to know what you’ll be using it for and what your plans are for the future!

Here is a list of current Haulit® Pallet Trailers on the market. 

Base Model- Tow Behind Pallet Trailer

Pallet trailer for sale

This is our Base Model Haulit®. We used this exact model first, so we know it works!  It doesn’t come with any of the new bells and whistles or extra features that make the Haulit more convenient or economical, but still gets the job done.  

Budgets vary! We choose to keep our base model option as a pallet trailer for sale for those ready to start with pallet, bundled and bulk delivery but are needing to stay within a budget.

  • 2 Pallet Max
  • 10K lb cargo weight
  • 5 Cubic Feet Bulk Capacity
  • No added features included: Spare tire, extra push off bars, remote control, etc)

2 Pallet Trailer For Sale

pallet trailer for sale for rock brick and block delivery

This is our Deliveryman Haulit. If you’re looking to start offering pallet, bundled or bulk material deliveries for your supply store, business, or brokering deliveries, the Deliveryman is an excellent option for quick local delivery loads.  Most people purchasing and using a Deliveryman Haulit are sod and rock, brick, and block suppliers. This trailer is excellent for getting in and out of tight spots and making daily multiple residential deliveries.

  • 2 Pallet Maximum
  • 10K Lb Cargo Weight
  • 5 Cubic Feet Bulk Capacity
  • added features: Remote unload, spare tire, extra push off bars, etc.
Watch Haulit Load and Unload Sod Without a Forklift or Hand Labor

3 & 4 Pallet Trailer For Sale

versatile pallet trailer for sale
self unloading pallet trailer for sale

The Workhorse Haulit and Workhorse Haulit XL are our most popular versions of pallet trailers sold.  Depending on your delivery needs, a 3 pallet or 4 pallet (XL) Workhouse option is available. This trailer has a maximum GVMW of 14K lbs. Anyone seriously looking to improve and increase their delivery services by ensuring their customers of quicker, faster, and cheaper pallet, bundled, or bulk deliveries- the Haulit Workhorse is a proven solution. 

With the Workhorse you can haul more, split the load for multiple deliveries, and enjoy an overall increase in efficiency.  Running a Haulit Workhorse costs 30-50% less less to run than it does with current forklift delivery options. 

People using the Workhorse Haulit are maximizing the benefits of the versatility of a Haulit. They are delivering a wide variety of landscape and building materials placed on either pallets, bundled or in cardboard boxes and delivering year round. 

  • 3 & 4 Pallet Maximum
  • 10K lb Cargo Weight
  • 6-8 Cubic feet bulk Capacity
  • All added features (See Specs Sheet)

4 Pallet or 32-25 Gal B&B Trailer

tree delivery trailer for sale
multiple pallet trailer for sale

The Nurseryman & Arborman Haulit are specialty trailers.

Specifically designed for nursery, arbor, ball and burlap mobility and/or delivery, the Arborman and Nurseryman Haulit are custom designed to maximize efficiency in the movement and transport of nursery plants, deciduous and evergreen trees.

Arborman- 3 7K axles
Nurseryman- 2 7K axles
10” slanted sides

  • Arboman: 3 7K axles
  • Nurseryman 2 7K axles
  • 10″ slanted sides
  • Strategic Extraction Bar Placement
  • 21′ Long

Gooseneck Pallet Trailer For Sale

You name it, increased stability, better load transfer and weight distribution, enhanced maneuverability – not to mention decreased theft- adding on a gooseneck to our 4 pallet Haulit trailers provides an overall improved driver delivery experience.  

Because of the weight distribution ability, our most common application for a gooseneck is a Workhorse XL or Arborman. We prefer the tongue pull for improved maneuverability with ¾ or 1 ton truck.  We only offer the gooseneck on the 4 pallet trailers because of load stability and customer customization.

How to know what pallet trailer to buy and what to look for.

What To Buy

In order to know what pallet trailer to buy, you need to know what you will be delivering and what your future plans are.  The Haulit is a versatile pallet delivery trailer so it can also handle bundled and bulk materials as well.  If you’re planning on starting out with mainly pallet delivery but know you might expand to bulk materials, for example, mulch or sand, there will be a few features you’ll want to add onto your trailer to accommodate your deliveries. 

What to look for

In order to know what to look for in a pallet trailer for sale, be sure to know what you’re delivering as well as an understanding of the build and overall function of the trailer.  Look for durability and quality build, a safe delivery mechanism, and especially important is asking about the research and development process of the trailer.  

To look a little deeper at what to look for in a pallet deliver trailer, read here 7 critical things to look for before buying a pallet delivery trailer!

Long term benefits of owning a pallet delivery trailer

Owning a Haulit® is an investment in your future.  Whether you are an independent contractor looking to build your own delivery business, supply house, or a contractor needing to get your products delivered, ensuring an improved delivery abilities for your smaller orders provides a service to the needs of your community. 

Because we operate our own Local Delivery Business, here is a list of a few other long term benefits we have found by using Haulit trailers. 

  • Creates New Jobs (Independent Contractors, delivery drivers -non cdl, brokering)
  • Improved Small Order Delivery Abilities
  • Supporting Local Communities
  • Happier Employees (no physical or manual labor)
  • Reduced Injuries (no workmans comp claims!)
  • Future business possibilities for younger generations.
  • Increased revenue streams and profits
  • Scalability

Once a few successful contracts are created, it’s easy to scale up! How? We’ve found that those who get one Haulit® get another!  With a 43% re-buyer rate, we’ve outlined a few ways others have scaled up below.  

  • Purchase additional trailer(s) for other store locations to replicate the success from other stores.
  • Hire another driver and keep your haulit running more hours.
  • Purchase another trailer to sustain more individual contracts- which in turn increases sales and increases possible driver jobs. 
  • Increase numbers of daily deliveries because of decreased manual man hour requirements. 

Before you purchase a pallet trailer for sale, it’s important to us that it’s a good fit for your business and future plans.  We offer a free consultation to learn more about your business, what your plans are and time to ask us any questions you might have.  We’ve also created a compilation of our top asked questions for you to review. Haulit Top 15 Asked Questions

What can Haulit Deliver? Lets see from Haulit Owners!

At Haulit, your success is our success! We’re here to help you succeed in the future of delivery!

As always, 

Happy Haulin’ with a Haulit!  

We believe in the ability of the Haulit to increase jobs, increase deliveries, and support local communities.With a remote operated delivery system, tilt bed and live delivery floor, there is no need for a forklift or hand labor to make deliveries with a Haulit Trailer.

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