Haulit Delivers!


HAULIT DELIVERY EQUIPMENT is the new and innovative way to deliver heavy cargo.  There is nothing like it in the world.  HAULIT’S Patent (US 11,2089,023 B2) ensures that your delivery equipment has met the strict requirements for a US Patent.


Only premium components are utilized, including: 

1-  3/16″ steel is utilized throughout (not tin like most dump trailers).
2-  2- 7,000 lb. rated Dexter Axles (the most trusted name in the
     industry) with electric brakes on both axles.
3-  Marine quality electronics (batteries, regulator, charging port,
     switches, and gages).
4-  LED lights are utilized throughout.
5- 12,000 lb. rated Electric over Hydraulic lift system and 12,000 lb.     
     rated Electric Drive Motor.
6-  360° industry proven conveyor floor facilitates unloading without a 


HAULIT systems are operated with a, “state of the art,” wireless remote.  Both the tilt deck function and the conveyor floor can be operated from the seat of a pickup or forklift. When maintained properly: LED lighting, Hydraulic and electric systems work every time. 

HAULIT personnel are dedicated to your success!


The invention of the HAULIT DELIVERY SYSTEM was driven by a real need to deliver less than four pallets of heavy sod to homes and development sites.  Now HAULIT delivers heavy palletized, bulk, bundled, and boxed products in 36 states. 


HANDLE IT:  Quicker, Easier, Cheaper!!!

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