Hauling Pallets. 10 Ways to Maintain Positive Cash Flow Through and Beyond Covid19.

Your community needs you hauling pallets! Here are 10 ways of how Haulit can help communities through crisis to recovery!  Right now, in most US states, construction is considered an essential activity.  Operations and services must be conducted in compliance with social distancing requirements and with Haulit, this can be accomplished!

hauling pallets with haulit pallet delivery

How can we help?

“Hauling Pallets with Haulit helps by connecting the city to its customers.”

Now, more than ever, small order shipping is critical for communities. As we prepare for a complete shift in the economy and day to day operations of businesses and lifestyle we must look to the needs of our communities and how we can support each other. 

As people continue social distancing, online shopping, shipping, and delivery will be in a growing high demand. A collaborative approach to solve the issues at hand, both now and during recovery will be essential for a thriving future.


Haulit owners are positioned in a unique way to serve their community through a niche service of hauling pallets! The ability to remote unload palleted, bulk, and bundled materials for others not only offers economical and profit bearing solutions, but is also safe and covid compliant. If you’re looking for ways to maintain positive cash flow through and beyond Covid, its time to get innovative, get connected to the needs of your community, and get serving! Read more here for a more complete guide on how to start a profitable local delivery business with a Haulit Pallet Trailer. Here is a list of 10 ideas on how to get started in your own community today!

  1. Find farmers that are in need of delivery of feed and supplies to their animals.
  2. Find farm and ranch supply stores needing help providing deliveries to farms or homes.
  3. Find zoo’s that are in need of delivery of supplies to their facilities. 
  4. Find nursing homes that are in need of food or supplies for their patients.
  5. Find warehouses that are in need of delivery for their customers.
  6. Find landscape companies that need daily deliveries of materials to their sites. 
  7. Find organizations in need of water or supplies. 
  8. Find big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot that are in need of delivery of goods to their customers. 
  9. Find local delivery businesses that are in need of more drivers with bigger cargo space or LTL delivery needs. 
  10. Find needs within the FB Marketplace and offer your delivery services.

Take a proactive role in contributing to the solution to help overcome the negative economic impact and keep businesses and families supplied and protected. Too much is at stake within the needs of our communities and country to sit by and complain about the circumstances.  Haulit trailers are remote operated with only one employee needed. This allows for social distancing while still making deliveries.

Serve your community by becoming an independent delivery broker.  Reach out and establish new relationships within your community to find out where the specific needs are and seek to serve them. Haulit helps by connecting the city to customers! From hauling pallets to helping a local brick and mortar businesses to helping a contractor with sod, mulch or pavers increase their services and cash flow- haulit can help in a critical way!

We are here for you!  We have a fleet of trucks and trailers ready and able to help delivery needs in communities. In our own community, right now, we are:

Please contact us today  to see how we can help.

Let’s all work together being a positive force of good during these challenging times!


Happy Haulin’

The Haulit Team!

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