Who’s Buying Haulit Trailers?

Thinking about Buying Haulit trailers for your delivery needs? In researching and comparing a Haulit Delivery Trailer to other trailers on the market,  we have found that there are at least three types of people who come to our website, do the research, and then decide if a Haulit is a right fit!

We recorded this data as research to compare what others are doing. We hope to help you research, compare, and decide if a Haulit Delivery Trailer is the right trailer for you. 

FIRST: Businesses With Delivery Needs 

Are you an independent delivery contractor or business that delivers heavy, bulk, or bundled supplies and materials? 

The majority of our customers buying Haulit trailers and visitors to our website are people or businesses that have working contracts already in place and tons of a variety of materials to get delivered from palleted, bundled, bulk, boxed or a variety of other heavy materials.   

buying haulit trailers

These Business Owners: 

  1. Recognize that time = money
  2. Are concerned about labor availability and mounting workers compensation claims.
  3. Are finding it difficult to find CDL licensed drivers. 
  4. Recognize that equipment costs are growing exponentially. 
  5. Know that delivery is a national trend, especially since covid, and that they are missing opportunity and profits if they don’t do small order or home deliveries. 
What Makes them buy?
  1. They are frustrated by their current system and ready to implement a more efficient delivery system.
  2. They are excited about equipment safety  and keeping  their driver/employee happy.
  3. They are excited that only one employee or driver is needed to make deliveries 
  4. They are excited about the money they will save by having an all in one system that loads, dumps, and delivers automatically. 
  5. They are looking to expand their deliveries, say yes to same day deliveries, home delivery, and make a profit by being able to offer the deliveries vs contract it out. 

SECOND: Entrepreneurs

Are you someone who wants the freedom of running your own business? 

The second group of people that visit our website to research the Haulit Delivery Trailer are people who want to live the American Dream by starting their own business whether it be a full-time operation or a side gig to make more income.

buying haulit trailers

These Entrepreneurs: 

  1. Want the freedom of setting their own schedule. 
  2. Are willing to take risks via full-time or side gig. 
  3. Don’t like being cooped up in an office and would rather have the freedom to be out and about and build something they can control and manage.  
  4. They are entrepreneur minded, hard workers, and have spent time making contract connections or know people who need heavy stuff delivered that they would like to be of service to such as: 
    1. Sod farms 
    2. Hardware, farm and ranch supply stores. 
    3. Manufactures of palletized, bagged, bundled, or bulk materials 
    4. Landscapers and Construction workers
What makes them invest?
  1. They work the numbers and find out how many deliveries they need to make per month to make the payment on their trailer and make a profit.  (For most of our customers, it’s as little as 4-5 deliveries a month at $85.  This covers business expenses and makes an acceptable profit)
  2. They spend time researching the needs of their community and establishing some upfront contracts.  Once the peace of mind of solid and consistent contracts are in place they jump into the investment and business is easy! 

THIRD: Leaders and Innovators 

Are you an industry leader and innovator? 

The third group of people that visit our website to research the Haulit are hybrid of business owners and entrepreneurs.  They stand out as industry leaders and innovators and recognize that Haulit is on the front end of a new industry and are ready to be part of it.  

These Industry Leaders: 

  1. Often own their own trailer businesses and want to add Haulit to their line of trailers. 
  2. See the potential and opportunity for delivery with Haulit delivery trailers and want to help get the word out by partnering as a dealer or making income submitting referrals. 
  3. See the vision in the rise, demand, and new standard of home delivery and want to be part of the leading edge in bringing something innovative, helpful, and new to the industry.
What makes them buy?
  1. Ultimately, they know the Haulit Delivery Trailer solves many delivery problems and recognize the huge income potential in helping others grow/get their delivery needs met or in making the deliveries themselves. 

We hope you found this information helpful as you do your own research.  We aim to be transparent in our data as we work with you to address how best to serve this huge delivery market. The success of our customers is top priority.  We take pride in knowing you have a product that not only services your delivery needs but expands your ability to help you  exceed your delivery and income goals.

Buying Haulit Trailers : Buyers Guide/Read Here

For a consultation, quote, or questions, please visit www.haulit.com

Thanks for reading. 

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