Increase Independent Contractor Pickup Truck Jobs with Haulit!

Independent contractor pickup truck jobs for delivery  is vital to every community.  Not everyone has the ability to haul heavy or bulky loads.  Not every business owner that needs to deliver palletized or bulk materials has the ability to deliver smaller loads economically or profitably.

The ability to capitalize and maximize delivery jobs for independent contractors with pickup trucks increases extensively with a Haulit. Below we will discuss what Independent Contractor Pickup Truck Jobs are, how to find jobs or contracts, and how having a Haulit delivery trailer will increase your brokering deliveries, opportunities and paycheck.  

What are Independent Contractor Pickup Truck Jobs?

An independent Contractor Pickup Truck Job is when a person uses their own personal or business vehicle to broker delivery jobs for others and essentially become a pickup and delivery service.

How do I start my own Independent Contractor Pickup Truck Jobs? 

Starting your own business as an independent contractor delivery service is very simple and empowering.  Not only are you utilizing assets that you already most likely own (like your truck) and using skills you already have (like driving and customer service), you are creating a way to provide supplemental or even full-time income on your own time and provide a real service to others.  It’s simple to get started, a minimal investment for a start up business, and a much-needed service within communities.

1) Own a truck

2) Get a business license

3) Find Loads, Pickup, and Deliver as a Service

4) Consider Income Potential by buying a Haulit Trailer to increase daily deliveries and offer delivery diversity!

How do I find loads for pickup truck jobs?

Finding delivery jobs for pickup truck owners is easier than you think.  As cdl truck driver shortage increases, the demand for cost effective deliveries is on the rise!  Local pickup and delivery services are essential to communities, cities, and business owners.  Here are a few ways people are finding loads for their pickup truck delivery service as independent contractors as well as ideas for what we have seen work for our Hault owners. 

Take a look how these companies use a pickup truck and Haulit Trailer for making deliveries.

This company owns their trailer. Someone looking to be an independent contractor could broker the deliveries for the company. Landscapers also use delivery trailers for delivering landscape materials.

This man, runs his own independent contractor delivery business and uses the Haulit trailer to help diversify and increase their daily deliveries. Read more here or click on the image below.

man standing by haulit delivery trailer
Todd Eldridge, Haulit Owner Interview

How to find contracts for independent contractor pickup truck jobs?

1) ASK! 

Make a list of all of the companies in your area that offer delivery of large items, make a phone call, and ask them if they are in need of the ability to deliver smaller load deliveries, like palletized or bulk materials and let them know you can broker deliveries for them.  If the list doesn’t seem like much, think again! Here are just a few to get started-

  • Sod farms- Sod Delivery
  • Landscapers- Materials and Supplies to job sites (especially on narrow streets), think    Rock, Brick, Block, Pavers, Mulch and even debri clean up!
  • Tree Farms or Nurseries- Tree and Plant Delivery (Think Home Depot! Lowes! Local Stores)
  • Construction Workers- Debri Clean Up and Material Delivery
  • IFA or Farming stores- Hay, Straw, Supersacks, Fertilizer, Wood Pellets, etc
  • Car Washes- Ice Melt Delivery
  • Family- moving delivery across town (they make great referrals!)
  • Friends- Everyone knows someone needing something moved or delivered.  Appliances, broken appliances, furniture, etc. Once your name and business is out there, you’ll be booking up your calendar in no time!

2) LOOK! 

Look for businesses or people doing deliveries right now within your community or city and take note of their current delivery method.   If anyone is doing a delivery with a forklift or multiple employees that delivery is costing them. Write the name of the company down, get the phone number and ask to speak to the manager.  Let them know what you have to offer. Always be on the lookout to see the needs within the community and seek to help fill them.  

A family member of ours did a shave ice business one summer.  The success was so huge that the next summer they decided to purchase 2 pallets of sugar early in the season while they were on sale to help increase profits.  The problem- they didn’t have a way to get the pallets delivered. It took a lot of phone calls and time before they found someone with the ability to help. If that grocery store had known of a local pickup and delivery service that was available to help they would have been able to help them.  How many grocery stores are in your community that may have the same problem? Keep your eyes open and always be looking for community needs! 

Obtaining a even just a few contracts with just a few of those services could provide you with all the extra work you could want! Heck! You may even have to expand your business soon and hire more drivers to help you with all the deliveries! 

Other ways people are finding local pickup truck delivery jobs are through online apps and internet job listings.  A google search of “Independent contractor pickup truck jobs near me”, “jobs for pickup truck owners” or “PICKUP TRUCK OWNER OPERATOR JOBS” will pull up an extensive list for job listings that you can start working through. 

To help our customers find loads, we’ve partnered with cashfreight.com to help find potential loads in their area.

Depending upon where you live, check out these apps that are specifically designed for independent contractor pickup jobs that you could partner with:  GOSHARE.COM

A new up app that has just launched to keep an eye on and watch for listings is: GETBURRO.COM

While we suggest becoming your own broker, so you can keep all of the profits and tips from your deliveries, it is nice to know that apps and services are on the rise, proving that the need for local pickup and delivery services is growing! 

How much can I charge for my pickup and delivery service?

Figuring out pricing for owner operated pickup truck delivery jobs is dependent on

  • What you are delivering
  • How much you are delivering
  • How far you are delivering
  • Competitive delivery prices. 

Do some research on what current delivery services charge for their services.  Just the other day, driving up to pick up kids from school in a new sub-division being developed was a semi truck, loaded with pallets of cinder block, and a forklift on the back for unloading and delivering.  For large deliveries, a Semi Truck with trailer and forklift is going to be essential, but what about when the contractors need just one or two more pallets? The cost of traditional delivery options is costly, not only in finances, but in time! 

The lower your operating cost for your service, the more you will be able to charge for your delivery fees.  As you can see by the image above, there is a lot of room for price adjustment and income to be made with adding a haulit to your pickup. 

How can I make more money with my pickup truck? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’ve already started the process of becoming an independent contractor with you pickup truck.  The ability to set your own hours, payscale, and delivery terms is empowering as a business owner. The ability to make more money with your pickup truck delivery service is going to be determined by two main factors:  

  • Load Capacity (Weight, Size)
  • Load Capabilities (What you can deliver) 
  • Time (Your time, and the time it takes you to deliver)

Explore Haulit Income Potential: Free Worksheet & Examples

If you’re limited to your truck only for your delivery service, your load abilities and capacity are also limited.  Adding a Haulit Trailer to your business will increase your load capacity, capabilities and be able to help increase your revenue.  Imagine being limited to only the bed of your truck to being able to have a trailer that self unloads so you can add more value to your customers by providing more capacity and delivery options.  If you’re wanting to make more money with your pickup truck find ways to increase your abilities to delivery quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. 

Here are a few images of current economics that will help give you a good idea of set up cost, operation costs, and curb time to help you know how to adjust pricing for your own business. 

Owning a small truck driver job provides not only career independence and financial security, but potential for expansion and proving work for others.  The sky’s the limit with potential and possibilities. Take a look at the needs of your local community, utilize your current assets, and consider the benefits of adding a Haulit Pallet Delivery Trailer to your pickup to increase revenue, services and overall value for your delivery business as a pickup truck  independent contractor!

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  1. I have a GMC sierra Dinali 6.2 L with a 10,000 pound trailer limit, I also have a 18 foot enclosed trailer drive on drive off, as well as a 12 foot enclosed trailer, a flatbed equipment trailer and also a 16 foot dump trailer. I am semi retired and looking for a logistics or local delivery job. Thank you.

  2. I have a flat bed trailer and cargo insurance to move car’s boats ATVs farm equipment and have a flat bed truck 24 ft

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