Pallet Delivery Trailers Top 7 Things To Consider Before Buying!

Having a pallet delivery trailer for smaller load deliveries is growing across the nation! In the construction, suppliers, delivery & landscape industry everyone knows, TIME EQUALS MONEY!  Investing in quality products and equipment not only allows us to spend our time wisely, but creates a healthier work/life balance. 

As a heavy duty pallet trailer manufacturer, it is easy to know where to cut costs to keep prices low and push more sales.  In our experience, however, this does not serve the end user for the long haul.  It increases sales for the manufacturer but gives the end user a lower quality trailer. 

When you are in the market for a heavy duty pallet delivery trailer consider these 7 critical key factors:

Quality Lighting Systems: 

There is nothing more frustrating than a trailer with poor wiring. Wiring that is dangling and clipped along the frame is easily damaged and costly to repair.  When looking at lighting make sure that the wire is encased and protected to ensure dependability every time you hook up the trailer.

Heavy Duty/ Replaceable Fenders:

Dents happen; it is just comes from use. Fenders welded directly to the trailer are not easily replaceable.  Once dented, the overall value of the trailer is also depreciated.  Look for heavy duty and replaceable fenders that bolt to the trailer.  That way, when dents happen, fenders can be easily and quickly replaced.

Sturdy Sides, Floor and Tailgates:

It is common to see a steel frame with light duty wood or tin side panels.  Look for a trailer that is constructed with tubular steel and dimensional sheeting.  The trailer will weigh and cost more, but will be stronger, more dependable and last longer.

Haulit Replaceable Fender

Secure Tie Down and Safety Gates:

Trailers that are constructed with the end user in mind are constructed with functional side rail tie down capacity and secure rear door locking systems to eliminate safety concerns.  Spending time trying to secure things without a functional side rail is time wasted.  Look for trailers with quality side rail tie down capacities and safety gates. Safety mechanisms in place minimize work hours and costly accidents.

Attachments and Storage Locations with Locking Systems:

A well organized trailer reflects a well organized company.  It is also a great advertising tool.  Time spent looking for equipment is time that can be used doing the job.  Look for a trailer that combines storage for all of your tools, liquids, and safety gear in strategic locations with locking systems to keep your equipment safe and your work day flowing.

Quality Attachment Systems: 

Cheap ball hitches are to keep manufacturing costs down, period. They ensure a manufacturer a future purchase of a better quality hitch later on. Professionals know how important a quality adjustable quick hitch system is, so get it from the start.  Focus on quality and functionality.

Delivery Versatility:

“A pallet delivery trailer and more!

“…automated pallet delivery with a rapid payback for the less-than-truckload delivery market.”

Being able to haul and deliver a wide range of product is critical for maximizing your investment in a pallet delivery trailer. Delivery versatility is key! Look for a trailer with the ability to not only deliver pallet materials but bulk and bundled goods as well.

In looking at delivery versatility it is important to look closely at the overall trailer delivery mechanism, its safety, function and versatility. Here area few questions to be sure to ask before purchasing.

  • How safe is the delivery mechanism?
  • Can I deliver more than just pallets with the mechanism?
  • What research and development has been done with this system?
  • How does it load?
  • How does it unload?
  • Are there any common parts that fail or break?
  • What does fixing or replacement parts look like?

At Green Valley, we strive for efficiency, function, quality, and versatility in our products because  we know the value of a heavy duty, quality pallet delivery trailer that is built for the end user.  We hope you’ve found these factors to consider beneficial when you’re in the market for your own trailer.  See it as a life and time investment and not only will your business flourish, but your life will prosper as well.

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